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The treatment of landfill leachate by DTRO membrane has a broad prospect


  Domestic garbage leachate is simply the polluted water that oozes from domestic garbage。In the process of landfill and stacking, there will be atmospheric precipitation falling on the garbage, in addition to the garbage itself with water, the biochemical decomposition of organic substances in the garbage will also produce water, and the above water will become sewage after leaching the garbage, also known as garbage leachate。

  The principle of membrane treatment of landfill leachate is very simple, using the membrane to filter out the solvent, to achieve the purpose of purification。However, the membrane treatment of landfill leachate also has its shortcomings, which limits the COD and heavy metal ions of the influent, so it needs to be treated in combination with the pretreatment process at the raw water end。DTRO membrane is a new and efficient treatment technology developed in recent years, which has a wide application prospect in the treatment of high-concentration refractory organic wastewater。

Landfill leachate treatment equipment

  DTRO is the dish tube reverse osmosis technology, and the DTRO membrane is used to treat this kind of difficult wastewater。Compared with the rolled membrane, the flow channel is wider, and the surface design of the guide disc of the raised point membrane element makes the liquid present turbulent state during the flow process, and enhances the anti-pollution ability of the membrane element。This independent filter membrane element design makes it possible to replace part of the DTRO diaphragm and deflector disk according to the actual situation when the diaphragm is contaminated, and the design is reasonable, not to say that it also helps enterprises save costs。

  DTRO technology is a technology designed forLandfill leachate treatmentSewage treatment technology。DTRO membrane technology can effectively trap various substances in sewage, including organic and inorganic substances。The membrane treatment can effectively remove 90% organic matter in landfill leachate, and the removal rate of COD is more than 90%。At the same time, the membrane treatment technology can also improve the water recovery rate, greatly reduce the concentration and volume of landfill leachate, and achieve the purpose of rapid treatment。

  After years of exploration and practice, DTRO membrane technology has been widely used and highly concerned in the treatment of leachate。In recent years, DTRO membrane has been widely used in landfill leachate treatment projects, and its performance advantages determine the broad application prospects in the landfill leachate treatment process。

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