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The ideal choice for landfill leachate treatment DTRO membrane technology "hot"


  At present, the main ways of garbage disposal in our country are incineration, landfill, composting, etc., of which landfill is the majority, followed by incineration, with an increasing trend year by year。

  Landfill leachate is a kind of high concentration organic wastewater,It's the landfill process,Due to anaerobic fermentation, decomposition of organic matter, rain shower and so on,Its composition is complex,And the quality and quantity of water vary greatly over time,It is the main source of pollution in landfills,Direct discharge if not handled properly,It will cause serious secondary harm to the environment。

  China's leachate treatment project started in the 1990s, most of them adopt biological treatment process, which has some shortcomings such as the effect of treatment is affected by seasonal change and landfill time, the operation is unstable, and the standard is not reached。Membrane technology is considered to be one of the effective technologies for landfill leachate treatment in the world, among which DTRO membrane technology has the characteristics of simple pretreatment requirements and less membrane clogging than traditional treatment technology。

  DTRO membrane is one of the technologies specially designed for the treatment of high concentration sewage, overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional system in the treatment of landfill leachate is easy to clog, because of its strong anti-pollution, very suitable for high salt wastewater。When treating landfill leachate, DTRO membrane has low water entry requirements for landfill leachate, can treat wastewater and feed liquid with high turbidity and high sand coefficient, can withstand high suspended matter and SDI, and ensure that the effluent quality meets the national discharge standards。Its technical characteristics are as follows:

  1, the treatment effect does not depend on the biodegradability of the inlet water, the system is stable, and the effluent water quality is high。

  2, do not rely on pretreatment, open flow can treat more colloidal and suspended matter wastewater。

  3, the flow channel is wide, the special hydraulic conditions make the liquid turbulent flow in the membrane column, not easy to occur membrane pollution。

  4, the pollution is easy to remove, especially the biological pollution removal effect is remarkable。

  In view of the high COD and BOD of landfill leachate, the technical feasibility and economic rationality must be ensured in the process of landfill leachate treatment。According to the actual situation and the actual characteristics of landfill leachate, the treatment technology and management measures are combined to effectively solve various problems in landfill leachate treatment。The process technology used by DTRO membrane method to treat landfill leachate is mature and reliableLandfill leachate treatmentIdeal choice。

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