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DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment intensive farming to help the green development of landfills


  At present, landfills have been widely used in the world。Such a large amount of landfill will produce a lot of secondary pollutants - landfill leachate。Landfill leachate is a kind of high concentration organic wastewater, its water composition is more complex, with high BOD5 and COD concentrations, high metal content, large changes in water quality and quantity, high ammonia nitrogen content, microbial nutrient element imbalance and so on。

  Landfill leachate is a kind of organic wastewater with high pollution and high concentration, which causes pollution to the surrounding environment, the underlying soil and groundwater of landfill site。Due to the complexity of leachate water quality and the variability of water quantity, there is no perfect treatment technology at present。Most sewage treatment plants adopt targeted treatment processes according to specific conditions and economic and technical requirements。

DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment

  In general, biological treatment is the main process of landfill leachate treatment, and the treatment of landfill leachate is mainly concentrated in membrane bioreactor, electrolysis and other methods。However, for the aging landfill leachate, due to the greatly reduced biodegradability, direct biological treatment is difficult to achieve the ideal removal effect。

  With the continuous deepening of research on the harmless treatment and resource utilization of landfill leachate in China, as well as the new ideas of difficult wastewater treatment brought by membrane technology, the market may open the door of a new era。DTRO membrane itself has anti-pollution performance, as one of the means of landfill leachate treatment,DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipmentBecause of its high degree of automation, strong mobility, low operating cost, convenient operation and maintenance, it has been widely used in landfill leachate treatment projects。

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