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Container waste leachate equipment in the process of leachate treatment "great skills"


  Garbage leachate comes from the moisture contained in the garbage itself in the landfill, the rain and snow water entering the landfill and other moisture, which refers to a high-concentration organic wastewater formed by deducting the saturated water capacity of the garbage and the overlying soil layer, and experiencing the garbage layer and the overlying soil layer, which is simply the dirty water in the garbage。If discharged directly, it will cause irreversible harm to the surrounding environment, especially the groundwater。At present, China's landfill leachate production has reached more than 30 million tons per year。It is estimated that 1 ton of leachate is equivalent to the concentration of pollutants contained in 100 tons of municipal sewage。

  The so-called "dirty water" comes from the moisture contained in the garbage itself in the landfill, the rain and snow water entering the landfill and other moisture。It has the characteristics of high concentration of BOD5 and COD, high metal content, large change of water quality and quantity, high content of ammonia nitrogen, and imbalance of microbial nutrient elements。

  Landfill leachate contains a large number of organic matter, ammonia nitrogen, sulfate, chloride ions, heavy metal ions and toxic and harmful substances, etc. Complex pollutant components increase the difficulty of its treatment, and an efficient treatment equipment is needed to achieve it。Nowadays, the key application of leachate treatment technology is DTRO membrane technology, which provides a new idea for the treatment of landfill leachate。According to different influent water quality, effluent requirements and project costs, Leachate equipment can adopt two-stage DTRO membrane, and adopt container design, high efficiency, small size, strong pollution and blockage resistance, and the treated effluent can meet the "domestic waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard".。

Container waste leachate equipment

  DTROContainer waste leachate equipmentIncluding original water tank, original water pump, cleaning pump, high pressure pump system, pretreatment system, security filter system, chemical cleaning agent box, acid and alkali charging box, scale inhibitor charging box, DTRO film group, electric control cabinet and other systems,Place the entire equipment in a container,Containers are equipped with air conditioners,It can be adjusted according to the actual ambient temperature,Ensure that the temperature of the equipment is between 10-40℃ during operation,Prevents the DTRO disc tube membrane from freezing in winter。

  It is worth mentioning that this set of equipment is mobile, when the landfill leachate is treated in one place, it can be transferred to other places for reuse, avoiding the disadvantage of immobile products in the past。Up to now, the economical and efficient landfill leachate treatment technology is still being explored。In the future, there will be more information about leachate treatment technology。

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