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How to deal with the leachate after garbage classification?DTRO membrane technology is here to help


  In recent years, China has been trying to implement garbage classification, and now garbage classification across the country has initially seen results。So the implementation of garbage classification has not slowed down the pressure on landfill leachate treatment?For this problem, Xiaobian will discuss it with you today。

  Landfill leachate is formed by the centralized accumulation of garbage, which has always been a very difficult problem for the centralized disposal of garbage in the landfill。In the face of increasing garbage year by year, increasing environmental pressure, difficult disposal of landfill leachate and so on, the disposal of landfill leachate once reached a "difficult" situation。Nowadays, garbage classification is implemented all over the country, and the difficulty of handling the garbage after classification is indeed reduced. If the dry and wet separation is done well in the transportation process, the production of garbage leachate will be reduced a lot。Moreover, classification can simplify the composition of landfill leachate and reduce the difficulty of disposal。

Landfill leachate treatment

  However, as far as the current status of garbage classification is concerned, the end treatment pressure of landfill leachate will still be there, and the generation of garbage is not less, so the disposal pressure of landfill leachate still exists。So, try to improveLandfill leachate treatment facilitiesThat's what we need to do now as well。In the face of landfill leachate pollution, the recommended use of DTRO saucer-tube reverse osmosis membrane elements has unexpected treatment effects。

  The DTRO dish type reverse osmosis membrane element has an open flow channel, and there is a 4mm open flow channel between the diaphragm and the diaphragm, which is not easy to block and not easy to accumulate pollutants. Turbulent cross-flow filtration is adopted in the membrane, and the special flow guide plate design makes the water present turbulent state during the filtration process, which is not easy to produce pollution blockage。In addition, the water intake requirement is low, only a simple pretreatment is required to treat the water intake, and high concentration can be achieved to reduce the concentration of water。Therefore, DTRO dish tube reverse osmosis membrane elements have many applications in landfills, waste incineration power plants and waste transfer stations。

  On the road to the implementation of garbage classification in the country, it is hoped that the dry and wet separation of garbage should not only be classified and collected, classified and transported, but also be classified and treated, and the use and disposal of items such as plastics and other items that are not good for degradation should be reduced, and the awareness of garbage classification and environmental protection should be popularized, so that everyone is responsible and everyone is environmentally friendly!

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