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Have you seen a mobile leachate treatment facility in response to an emergency?


  With the gradual improvement of life in our country, domestic garbage is diversified, including many takeout lunch boxes. So it is processed garbage that produces complex leachate pollution。Whether it is for landfill or incineration power plants, this kind of landfill leachate pollution is a "chronic disease" difficult to deal with, a careless will pollute the soil and groundwater。

  At present, many garbage disposal sites will use some large landfill leachate treatment equipment,But such devices not only have a large footprint but also lack flexibility,So people started designing them to be containerized mobile devices,Not only reduce the cost of construction, labor costs,And they handle a lot of it,The recovery rate is also higher。So what are the advantages of such mobile landfill leachate treatment equipment, and where are the advantages of larger equipment?

Landfill leachate treatment equipment

  First, the mobile landfill leachate equipment mainly uses DTRO dish tube reverse osmosis membrane technology. The surface of the diversion disk of the membrane element is designed with convex points, so that the material liquid presents a turbulent state during the flow process, and the anti-pollution ability is strong, and the treatment effect of waste water such as landfill leachate is significant。

  Second, the equipment can be moved as a vehicle, small size, not to mention convenient installation and operation compared with large equipment, and the processing capacity can also be customized according to the field situation。In addition, the installation and commissioning time of the device is short, and the period from installation to formal operation is short。

  Third, the equipment adopts automatic detection, all fault screens can be displayed in real time, and is also equipped with online automatic cleaning system, which can be automatically cleaned online according to the operation condition。The mobile landfill leachate equipment has strong impact load resistance, compact structure, does not require sludge reflux, is not easy to plug, and is easy to maintain and manage。

  In summary, this kind of mobileLandfill leachate treatment equipmentIt can be moved back and forth in different new landfill leachate treatment plants, which is flexible and convenient, and has many advantages。In the event of major natural disasters, environmental pollution and other sudden problems, this equipment can be used。

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