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DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment has a remarkable effect on landfill leachate treatment


  The nature of landfill leachate has a great relationship with the type and nature of garbage, landfill method, coverage, rainfall and evaporation of garbage, and its concentration and nature also show a highly dynamic relationship with time, mainly depending on the service life of the garbage dump and the stage of the landfill site when sampling。Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1) There are many kinds of organic pollutants and complex water quality;

  2) The concentration of pollutants is high and the range of change is large;

  3) Large changes in water quality and quantity;

  4) High ammonia nitrogen content;

  5) More types of metal ions;

  6) Imbalance of nutrient elements。

  The principle of membrane treatment of landfill leachate is very simple, using the membrane to filter out the solute to achieve the purpose of purification。However, the membrane treatment of landfill leachate also has its shortcomings, which limits the COD and heavy metal ions of the influent, so it needs to be treated in combination with the pretreatment process at the raw water end。DTRO membrane is a new and efficient treatment technology developed in recent years, which has a wide application prospect in the treatment of high-concentration refractory organic wastewater。

Landfill leachate treatment equipment

  DTRO technology is a sewage treatment technology specially designed for landfill leachate treatment。The technology of DTRO membrane can effectively intercept various substances in sewage and effectively remove 90% of organic matter in landfill leachate。At the same time, the membrane treatment technology can also improve the water recovery rate, greatly reduce the concentration and volume of landfill leachate, and achieve the purpose of rapid treatment。

  Landfill leachate treatment technology adopts two-stage DTRO membrane system to treat the leachate, of which DTRO membrane is used to treat difficult wastewater membrane system, the treated effluent can meet the standard of "domestic waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008)。

  DTROLandfill leachate treatment equipmentIt can deeply remove organic pollutants that are difficult to degrade, improve the effluent standard of wastewater treatment, control the intensity of environmental pollution, and ensure that the wastewater discharge index meets the relevant wastewater discharge requirements while providing leachate treatment technology。Garbage leachate treatment technology can effectively control the pollution of garbage leachate and protect the urban environment!

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