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The application of DTRO technology reduces the difficulty of landfill leachate treatment


  At present, the main ways of garbage disposal in our country are incineration, landfill, composting, etc., of which landfill is the majority, followed by incineration, with an increasing trend year by year。Landfill leachate mainly comes from waste incineration plant and landfill, the difference between the two is also very obvious, landfill leachate will have natural precipitation into, and incineration site because stacked in a similar warehouse, there is no external water introduction, so the concentration of landfill leachate is generally higher than landfill。

  In recent years, the government has increased environmental supervision and reported that the problems of landfill leachate treatment have become prominent, such as the imbalance of carbon to nitrogen ratio, nitrogen removal problems, landfill aging, and post-membrane concentrated liquid recharge, resulting in the concentration of landfill leachate salts, increased treatment costs, and unknown whereabouts of leachate。Therefore, how to reasonably dispose of landfill leachate has always been a major problem in the field of environmental protection。

  With the gradual study of landfill leachate, the application of DTRO butterfly tube reverse osmosis technology has greatly reduced the difficulty of landfill leachate treatment。

  The application direction of DTRO(dish tube reverse osmosis) is for the treatment of landfill landfill leachate。In 2003, DTRO technology was introduced in China, and DTRO technology was applied to landfill leachate treatment。Through digestion and absorption, independent DTRO technology has been basically formed in China, involving research and development, production and processing, engineering applications, etc。DTRO landfill leachate equipment is mainly composed of diaphragm, deflector, sealing ring, center tie rod, membrane shell and so on。Conventional DTRO equipment is generally divided into three levels of medium pressure, high pressure and ultra-high pressure。Medium pressure generally corresponds to 75bar;The high pressure is 90bar, 120ar;The ultra-high pressure corresponds to 160bar。The number of diaphragms, the number of deflectors, the area and length of diaphragms of the three types of devices are basically the same。

  LightriderLandfill leachate treatment equipmentIt can deeply remove organic pollutants that are difficult to degrade, improve the effluent standard of wastewater treatment, control the intensity of environmental pollution, and ensure that the wastewater discharge index meets the relevant wastewater discharge requirements while providing leachate treatment technology。Leachate treatment technology adopts two-stage DTRO full membrane system to treat leachate, of which DTRO membrane is specially used to treat difficult wastewater membrane system, the treated effluent can meet the standard of "domestic waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008)。

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