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A case of leachate treatment of domestic waste landfill in a southern county


  Project name: A case of leachate treatment of domestic waste landfill in a southern county

  Project scale: 60 tons/day

  Sewage type: landfill leachate

  Operation process: "UASB+MBR+NF+RO" combined process

  Operating cost analysis

  After the project was put into operation, the actual operating cost of the leachate treatment station was calculated, which mainly included:

  1, equipment operation electricity charge: 10.00元/m3;

  2, pharmaceutical and consumable costs (mainly NF and RO system daily operation and chemical cleaning agents, replace the security filter PP filter element, etc.) : 7.14元/m3;

  3, water quality analysis costs (including environmental protection online monitoring equipment pharmaceutical costs and routine water quality testing, laboratory costs) : 1.33元/m3;

  4. Labor cost: 8.00元/m3;

  5, equipment depreciation and daily maintenance costs: 3.83元/m3;

  Direct operating cost of leachate treatment station: 1+2+3+4+5=30.30元/m3。If the replacement of NF and RO membranes is considered, the operating cost is 33.80元/m3。

  Running result

  After the commissioning of the system, the operation condition is stable, and the monitoring results of all the water quality indicators of the treated leachate can meet the "Pollution Control Standard of domestic waste Landfill" (GB16889-2008).。


  As the current domestic domestic garbage leachate treatment mainstream technology,Proved by practice,"UASB+MBR+NF+RO" combined process for the removal of pollutants in landfill leachate,It has a very stable effect,All the water quality indexes can meet the "Domestic waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008) standard。The process is based on biochemical treatment, supplemented by membrane depth treatment, giving full play to the functional complementarity of MBR, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane processes, with stable effect, low energy consumption and flexible operation, which is suitable for small and medium-sized domestic waste sanitary landfill at county level。In the process of commissioning and operation of the leachate treatment station, it is necessary to sum up and accumulate experience according to the local actual situation and system operation parameters, improve and optimize the process measures, so that the leachate treatment equipment can play a better role。