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Emergency landfill leachate treatment equipment


  The composition of pollutants in landfill leachate is very complicated,Basically, the landfill will adopt the biochemical treatment + membrane advanced treatment process or directly on the two-stage DTRO membrane treatment,But if something goes wrong,For example, due to the season, the actual operation of the landfill and other factors, the actual processing capacity increases,Existing systems cannot fully handle it,Need to temporarily increase emergency equipment,To solve the problems encountered。

  Process characteristics of emergency landfill leachate treatment equipment:

  The leasing operation equipment has low investment, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and simple operation and easy maintenance。

  It can be used for emergency treatment of sudden water pollution and natural disasters, and has strong mobility。

  Users only need to pay attention to the water production index and water production every day or every week, the equipment is managed by professionals, and the system design meets the overall process needs。

  The equipment is designed according to industry standards and has a short commissioning period, which is suitable for emergency services。

  Leitryder company provides landfill leachate treatment equipment leasing service project, leasing operation equipment processing capacity can be designed and adjusted according to user needs, membrane quantity and water production will be adjusted according to different project needs。