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  • A case of leachate treatment of landfill in a city2022-08-24
  • The quality and quantity of landfill leachate vary greatly, especially the range of BOD/COD。The landfill leachate treatment plant has been built for 3 years, and the biodegradability of leachate wastewater has been found to be good in general

  • A case of leachate treatment of domestic waste landfill in a southern county2022-08-24
  • In the process of commissioning and operation of the leachate treatment station, it is necessary to sum up and accumulate experience according to the local actual situation and system operation parameters, improve and optimize the process measures, so that the leachate treatment equipment can play a better role。

  • Emergency landfill leachate treatment equipment2022-08-24
  • Leitryder company provides landfill leachate treatment equipment leasing service project, leasing operation equipment processing capacity can be designed and adjusted according to user needs, membrane quantity and water production will be adjusted according to different project needs。

  • Shanghai municipal landfill leachate emergency treatment project2022-08-24
  • The application of DTRO series reverse osmosis separation membrane to the return tank of concentrated liquid has a high removal rate of CODcr, ammonia nitrogen, suspended matter and salt in high concentration leachate, especially the removal rate of COD and salt。